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China is regarded as one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It has written history around four thousand years, along with having rich culture apart from having a revered educational tradition. The legacy continues to the present day particularly in the domain of medicine. This makes China as the favorite destinations for the global students who are keen on studying medicine abroad. Of late, more and more students from all across the world including India are considering China for studying MBBS. The country offers MBBS program in both English and their local language. If you are still wondering why you should you study MBBS in China, consider following reasons. Let’s check the 5 big reasons to study MBBS Abroad in this country.

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1). You are eligible for all medical licensing examinations

In China, there are around 49 recognized medical schools that are under the category of public universities. These are managed by the Chinese Government and are listed in the Directory of World Medical Schools of the leading institution of the world – World Health Organisation. With this listing, the MBBS graduates from any top medical university in China are eligible to attend the national medical screening tests including MCI, USMLE, PMDC, PLAB, HPCSA, and SCHS to name a few. Thus studying MBBS in China is a good idea.

2). Quality of Education par with western education in medicine

A majority of medical universities in China are ranked within 500 top universities all across the world. These remain highly recognized for being at the top in the modern medicine. So, if you thought that an MBBS in China is duplicate or low standards, think again. Each medical university in China has developed its own featured educational system and teaching pattern along course content that remains part of the national standard regulations.

3). Affordable Cost of Education

Studying MBBS in China is an inexpensive affair. As per a report, it is 70 percent cheaper than the countries like the US or the UK. The MBBS program in the US or the UK can cost you around USD 160,000-200,000, which include the internship and other things. While studying MBBS from any top medical university in China can cost you around USD 30,000 – 50,000. So, even if you compare the cost of MBBS in China with any country, it comes out to be extremely affordable. This is because most of the courses on medicine and healthcare in China is highly subsidized by the Chinese government and Ministry of Public Health.

4). Lots of Quality Hospitals for an internship

Most of the universities in China (including the list of top medical university in China) are recognized to recruit the global students pursuing MBBS programs in top hospitals in the country. China has a wide range of hospital network with state of art facilities that give good exposure to the MBBS students from abroad. The medical infrastructure is developed and is constantly upgrading itself to provide the best learning experience for the MBBS students.

5). Explore Colorful and vibrant campus life

The weather conditions in China varies from one region to the other and has its own beauty. The students studying MBBS in China get the opportunity to get education amidst colorful and vibrant campuses.

Wrapping Up

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Hubei Polytechnic University

Hubei Polytechnic University (HBPU) is one of the reputed multi-disciplinary universities which are located in the Hebei region of China under the provincial government. It is positioned close to Tangshan. Multiple disciplinary are taught in this university. The subjects which are covered in the campus of HBPU are Medicine, Engineering, natural science, management, economics, literature, education and also arts. HBPU was founded in the year 1975 and was known as Huangshi Engineering College, Hubei Higher Learning Institution. It was again renamed in the year 1981, as Wuhan University of Technology, Huangshi Branch.  In 1991 it was given the name of Huangshi Polytechnical College.  Again in the year 2004 it was given the name of Huangshi Institute of Technology, followed by the existing name of HBPU in year 2011. After getting the qualified recognition for undergraduate program from Ministry of Education, China it started gaining huge popularity. Since year 2004 HBPU is conducting Undergraduate medicine program.

List of top medical university in china

Some recognitions of Hubei Polytechnic University: The University holds the world ranking of 1025 and it started the English medium education from year 2005. As per as ranking is concerned within China, Hubei Polytechnic University holds 418 rank. It offers admission close to 550 students and having 3 affiliated hospitals under its wings. Aside to this there are 12 teaching hospitals, and 10 community hospitals.  The enrollment quota is 150.

About the Campus of HBPU: In year 2014 the Hubei government identified HBPU as the very first development pilot universities based on reforming and transformation. The campus covers an area of 1460000 sq.m. It is having a library which consists of 1.09 million books in it. The added feature of the library is that it is having 18 e-book databases which hold close to 2 million e-books. At present the university is having 1001 teachers and out of them 100 are professors. HBPU managed to include 3 well-known academicians from best universities of China and also from abroad. There are more than 30 scholars from different renowned universities of China acting as guest professor. There are 50 bachelor’s degree programs which are conducted in the campus of this university.

About the MBBS program in Hubei Polytechnic University: The teaching schedule which is now followed by the university is completely based on American USMLE syllabus. It is basically a perfect combination of theory and practice. In the earlier format it was first learning theory and then practice. The duration of the course of medical studies is 6 years which consist of 1 yr purely dedicated for internship in hospital.

Normally, international students prefer to complete their internship in China. But in case, if students shows willingness to get the internship done from some other hospital in other country,  then HBPU go for the qualification evaluation of that hospital which is selected by the student before allowing the students to go for it.

On successful completion of the theory exam and internship MBBS degree will be awarded to the students. After this students need to appear for medical licensing examination for practicing in the medical industry. MBBS in China


Guilin Medical University

Positioned in one of the most beautiful cities of China, Guilin medical University offers qualitative medical courses powered with authentic training dispensed through practical experiences. The sprawling Guilin Medical University has been magnified with three campuses called Dong Cheng, Le Qun and Lingui. It also happens to provide affiliation to 10 self-governing colleges. Basically stating, this medical university gained reputation for being a world class medical teaching institute is because of its lively involvement in exchange programs and even international cooperation. Being found in 1935, the courses of the university are well approved by WHO, CMC and UNESCO. This states the global recognition of the courses and easy accessibility to job.

Guilin Medical University

Quality of Medical Education at Guilin Medical University:

Considering the quality of medical education provided at the university, the teachers and staff lay more emphasis on practical experience. It is believed that one learns in a better way on watching the practical happen in front of them. Certainly, the MBBS course at the Guilin Medical University is available for a period of 5 years and another one year is devoted to internship in one of the top-notch hospitals in China. And a good thing about availing medical degree from the university is that it has been entitled to varied forms of scholarships. This allow students to earn their way into the university without spending much on the fee structure as government scholarships takes care of the educational expenses.

Currently, the Guilin Medical University operates 9 Speciality Course for undergraduates that embrace stomatology, biotechnology, preventive medicine, and even clinical medicine. The GLMU is directed to provide a 3-year corresponding program for aspiring medical practitioners too. The protruding reason of Guilin being preferred over other medical universities is its ratio of teachers. In fact, 217 of 504 highly qualified teachers have high expert qualifications and the other 297 teachers are trained with the Master’s degree. Moreover, it also has affiliations with around 27 hospitals that make gaining internship easier for the students. The education is quite systematized and has earned a distinctive identity in the world.

Fee Structure and Other Expenses at Guilin Medical University:

Talking about the fee structure of the university, the first year includes 1.3 lakh as tuition fee, 65000 INR as hostel fee and 97500 INR as other miscellaneous expenses. Then, from second year onwards to the sixth year, tuition fee and hostel fee remains the same; while, other miscellaneous expenses gets reduced to 39000 INR every year. In this regard, the total fee for entire medical course of 6 years comes to 12, 28,500 INR. This fee is quite less than other medical universities in Indian, European and American continents. So, the students willing to acquire medical degree from reputed college by shelling out a little less can opt for Guilin Medical University. Its education is quite wonderful and has been recognizable globally. If the students are willing to settle out of China in medical field; they are bound to get good jobs without much difficulty. MBBS in China

China is the Best Option For MBBS

MBBS or Bachelor of Medical and Bachelor of Science are a part of medical education that guarantees productive future. An effort made by the aspiring doctors to be the life saviors, MBBS is a necessary step that has to be completed in order to attain doctorate. The course of MBBS includes a deeper insight into anatomy, pharmacology, physiology, pathology, microbiology, biochemistry and community medicine in the first two semesters of MBBS in China. Further to this, the third as well as fourth semester talks about providing knowledge on medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, paediatrics, ophthalmology, obstetrics, gynaecology, radiology, toxicology, anaesthesiology, psychiatry and forensic medicine.

MBBS in China

Quality of Medical Education in China:

China has always been known for revising its course of MBBS on constant basis to ensure high quality education to the students. Be it Indian community of students doing MBBS in China or the resident students, all of them have to appear in SET (Standard Entrance Test) developed by academic steering committees from China’s prominent MBBS. Certainly stating, SET is a yardstick for proving high-graded quality to sifter excellent and deserving students for studying MBBS in China. Considering the time included in completing MBBS, the Chinese Universities have duration of 6 years. Out of these 6 years, first 5 years are dedicated to attaining hardcore medical education and the last year is meant for practical internship for acquiring in-depth knowledge of medical practice. Moreover, the education level of MBBS in China keeps on including newer development in the courseware for advanced understanding of the subject matter.

Cost of Medical Education in China:

Cost is one of the most important factors that play a vital role in taking decision. There are many students, who wish to acquire excusive knowledge in MBBS from top notch universities and do not have enough funds to shell out 50 or 60 lakhs on the entire course. For them, MBBS in China is the perfect solution because medical education is of supreme quality. With constant additions to the courseware, aspirant doctors are bound to get technocratic understanding of the medical nuances.

Taking note of the fee structure, China has 2 categories of medical universities – A and B. Depending on the available budget, one can select the option. Huazhong medical university, Capital medical university, Dalian medical university, Hebei medical university and China medical university are said to fall in the A Category. On the other hand, Jiangsu university, Jilin medical university, Nanjing medical university and China three gorges university happen to fall in the B category. The fee of A category medical universities, to do MBBS in China, for entire course is around 2400000; while, the B category of medical universities have free structure wavering from 900000 to 170000 Lakhs of rupees.

Eligibility Criteria for Attaining Medical Education in China:

Ideating the eligibility criteria for getting admission in A category medical colleges of China explicates that students are required to have 70 to 85 percent in combined PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) at higher secondary. On the other side of the coin, the B category medical colleges in China calls for scoring 65 to 85 percent in PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). As the student completes eligibility criteria, they have to appear for entrance test to secure seat for MBBS in China.

Education has always been an imperative step in shaping the personality of an individual. And when it is the matter of attaining a medical degree within budget, approaching Yichun University is the perfect option. Offering high quality education to resident and international students, the professors and teachers from the university emphasize on practical knowledge. With a vigilant eye on latest developments, the courseware keeps on altering to adapt as per the changes in the medical field. Positioned in Yichun City of Jiangxi Province of China, it was established in 1958. Basically stating, the aim of the university is to foster qualitative knowledge, creative educating techniques with interdisciplinary graduates.

Yichun University

Quality of Education in Yichun University:

On an existing note, Yichun University has 6 institutes, 19 schools, more than 50 undergraduate programs and 2 conglomerated hospitals. In 2011, the university was authorized to confer a master’s degree prominently in pharmacy with the assistance of the Degree Committee of State Council of China. This indicates to the fact that the educational quality of China was elevated to a higher level.

Taking note of the enrolment of international students in the university, it has been doing so from 2006. And the good thing is that all students have gained methodical training and they have earned bachelor’s degree from the university with sheer hardwork. Also, the university has English language medical and other course programs that make it possible for the international students to enjoy better understanding of the subject matter.

Not just the quality education, the Yichun University offers excellent living standards to international students with impeccable facilities to ensure that their study experience in China is excellent. Indeed, the international students are not only competent enough to apply for Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship; but, they can also have a chance to apply for the special scholarship presented by the university. This happens to cut down on the existing fee structure of the students, making it affordable more.

The Yichun University comprises of 11 faculties that offer excellent educational facilities. School of Humanities, School of Engineering, School of Science, School of Medicine, School of Agriculture, School of Foreign Language Studies, School of Business and Law, School of Adult Education, School of Physical Education, School of Art and School of Vocational & Technical Education.

Fee Structure of Yichun University:

Yichun University finds its place among the most valuable places to get education at affordable fee. At the university, educational quality is never compromised and the students can be rest assured of brilliant studying experience. Considering the fee structure of the university, its first year fee totals to 28300 RMB with tuition fee at 14000 RMB, hostel fee as 3600 RMB, Liaison & Management fee at 9000 RMB, registration fee as 400 RMB, Medical check-up at 300 RMB, health insurance at 600 RMB and Visa Extension Fee at 400 RMB. From the second year onwards, students have to pay a total of 15600 RMB including tuition fee at 12000 RMB and hostel fee as 3600 RMB. In compare to other universities around the globe, this university provides high quality education at low budget.

 An Excellent Opportunity Knocking The Door For Indian Medical Students

Becoming a best doctor in India is really very costly for a middle class family. I would like to thanks the people’s republic of china, which is sharing the best its surplus infrastructure of medical colleges with foreign countries. Students from Nepal, India, Bangladesh & Pakistan are on a run behind of China. Not Only China, Kazakhstan is also the best option for MBBS Abroad. Here I am representing few MBBS Universities which help all medical students to find best Education partner for MBBS in China & Kazakhstan. According to a survey of previous Indian students following universities is best for MBBS Abroad.

Chengde Medical University

Jianghan University Wuhan: – China 

JianghanUniversity is located in Wuhan, Hubei China; the campus of Jianghan University is 1.4 km² and 0.5 km² is under construction. It lies in the Wuhan Economy and Technology Development Zone by the Lake Sanjiao. There are ten disciplines in the university: economics, law, education, literature, history, agriculture, science, engineering, medicine, and management. There are about 1,000 full-time teachers, of whom 103 are full professors and about 400 associate professors. For MBBS Jianghan University is the best option for Indian students.

Guilin Medical University: – China

Guilin MedicalUniversity is a public university, located in Guilin, Guangxi, China. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in medicine. It was authorized to conduct graduate programs. GLMU was recognized as an “Excellent University” by the Ministry of Education of China in 2012. GLMU currently has campuses located in Le Qun, Dong Cheng and Lingui covering a total area of 1334.27 acres. This campus is also beside the famous Li River (Guangxi) and the Jingjiang Princes’ City. At present, GLMU accommodates Chinese and International students from Southeast Asia namely Nepal, BANGLADESH, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and Thailand under the undergraduate (majors) and graduate degrees.

Jilin Medical University: – China

Jilin Medical University is one the best and top rated medical university in China for MBBS. Most popular university for MBBS in China. Jilin University is a leading national research university under the direct jurisdiction of China’s Ministry of Education. Located in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province in Northeast China, the university has seven campuses in six districts that are home to 39 colleges covering 13 academic disciplines, including philosophy, international relations, economics, law, literature, education, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and military science. The university has 13 disciplinary areas, six national key laboratories, and seven national bases for the level .

Guys Admissions open for 2017-18 academic year for MBBS Abroad, hurry up and join one the best medical university for your future. Here above all universities offer’s all students best study with a comfortable living and food facilities. Even the fee structure is very reasonable for students who want to join MBBS Abroad. All universities are MCI listed. Keep in touch with our updated posts for more medical universities in China. Other resources include five research bases for humanities and social sciences, 11 key laboratories sponsored by the Ministry of Education and 11 by other ministries. Guys Hurry up and join Jilin Medical University for MBBS in China.

Jiujiang University: – China

The Jiujiang University is a college in Jiujiang, northern Jiangxi Province in China. Jiujiang University has four campuses covering an area of about 184 hectares with a total space of buildings being 780,000 square meters. There are over 30,000 full-time Chinese students, with over 200 foreign students, 1683 full-time teachers, 21 faculties or colleges offering a total of 159 programs and a library collecting over 2.46 million books. Jiujiang University (Campus video of University) is one of the 25 Chinese Language Education Centers approved by Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs under the State Council of P. R. China. Jiujiang University has been entitled to enrolling overseas students and established collaborative relationship with universities of more than 10 countries around the world.


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MBBS from China

China is the premier option to avail international medical education. Avail economical and worldwide recognized MBBS degree from China .

There are many factors that support China as the supreme and advantageous country for MBBS education. Factors are as follows:

  • The standard of study is premier and it also depends on your own hard work and self study.
  • You will have sufficient extra time, vacations and relatively less classes and less exam burden

(unlike in other countries).So due to this positive factor you can utilize your time for license exam preparations.

  • MBBS in China has a very economical fees structure which is almost 70% cheaper than the medical colleges in other countries.
  • The student will get ‘n’ number of internship opportunities in various hospitals across China.
  • A student can avail scholarship on the basis first cum first basis.
  • Language will not be a barrier or would not become an obstacle as Mandarin is taught in the first year which in turn would enable student to interact with their patients during internships.

Infact some universities in China offer internship in China or in India.

  • The students can adjust in China easily due to the country’s multi-faceted trait.
  • China’s climate is moderate so you will find climate like you have in Bangalore.
  • One of the important advantages is that you can do a MBBS course in English.

Now we would like to impart knowledge on requirements for studying English medium MBBS in China.

International student’s gets admission based on their school grades, especially in Mathematics and science subjects; also they should be good enough in English language to opt for MBBS program in English.

Some of the best universities in China to study MBBS are as follows:

Anhui Medical University (AMU) is one of the oldest educational institutions in Hefei, Anhui province, which is located in the east of central China and honored as “the city with State Innovation of Science and Technology”.

Why Anhui Medical University?

1. Established in 1926 AD, the Government owned university
2. Recognized by WHO, CMC, CSC
3. Listed by China Ministry of Education to enroll International students for Fully English Medium Medical programs
4. Syllabus entirely based on International standard, teach in English, degree recognized worldwide
5. 23rd among Top 100 Medical Universities in China

  • Capital Medical University
  • Capital University of Medical Sciences also known as CUMS, CCMU or CMU, is a university in Beijing, China, which was originally called Beijing Second Medical College .
  • CMU provides excellent international exchange programs. It has partnerships and agreements with many universities and institutions with more than 20 countries and regions, supporting activities such as faculty and student exchange programs, joint education and joint research projects. For Any Online Assistance Call Us At :- 918689081615.

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