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China has got a proven written history of providing high-quality educational facilities in medicine and engineering fields. It is one of the fastest growing educational hubs for many aspiring international and local students. Many international students are interested in pursuing MBBS in China

In 2007, the Chinese Ministry of Education published the Interim Provisions which lists over 40 top medical colleges in China authorized to accept international students.

Due to the active involvement of the Chinese Ministry, the quality of the medical education in the country has drastically improved and now presents a great environment to the international students.

So, why pursuing a medical course in China is beneficial? Let’s discuss the top reasons for the same:-

#1 – Colorful and Enriching Campus Atmosphere

Due to the rich and diverse Chinese culture, many universities conduct special cultural activities from time to time for the international students. International students enjoy the work: life balance without any issues. To add on, the weather varies from location to location in the country. Hence, students can plan and enjoy their vacation.

# 2 – Internship Opportunities

All the certified hospitals possess advanced international standard medical instruments and other facilities. Due to the constant moderation, all the hospital adhere to the latest quality standards. Hence, students get a great opportunity to do a live internship and get practical exposure to surgeries and other medical procedures.

# 3 – Living Costs and Tuition Fees Are Considerably Lower

As per the recent reports, the living costs and the tuition fees to do MBBS in China is very less as compared to other developing nations (70% lower).

# 4 – Flexible Admission Procedure

As compared to the admission procedure in other countries, it’s easy to get through to a top ranked Chinese University. The entrance requirements are flexible and straightforward so that maximum students can enroll for the course.

# 5 – Education System

Most of the universities in China are ranked among the top 500 universities in the World. The facilities and the quality of the education are on par with the western countries. Every university has their own teaching system and course schedule prepared on the basis of national standard regulations.

Hence, you can browse the search engine to find top ranked Medical Universities in China and apply online. You will learn how to practice in a global medical environment.

You can also come back to your native country and start your own practice or apply for a job in the top hospital. As Chinese universities are accepted globally, you can easily fetch a high paying job as a doctor or surgeon.

Anhui medical university


Shandong University of TCM MBBS

Shandong University of TCM MBBS (SDUTCM) is one of the universities in china which is known for its programs of medical science. The university is located at Jinan City in Shandong Province in China. This university was founded in the year 1958 and is now the solo independent medical university located in Shandong.  Shandong university of TCM is offering masters and doctoral programs and post-doctoral research programs. Shandong University of TCM MBBS campus is covering an area of 122 hectares with a built up area of 545,000 square meters. If you check the valuation of the equipments and facilities which are available in the university premise you will find that it amounts to RMB 192,765,000.

Shandong University of TCM

The university library houses 1,871,000 paper books apart from 509,000 electronic books. There is a separate section in the library space which is dedicated for 30,000 rare books of ancient period. One of the best team of teaching faculty is available with SDUTCM. In total there are 3,900 staff members who include doctorate supervisors, master supervisors and other functional staffs.

About the campus of Shandong University of TCM MBBSSDUTCM is formed of 2 Campuses. The first one is the Eastern Campus and the second one is Western Campus which is the Main Campus. Under this university there are 13 schools with 2 departments followed by

  • 2 state key specialties
  • 2 post-doctoral mobile stations
  • 15 doctoral specialties
  • 26 master’s specialties
  • 20 undergraduate specialties for 36 disciplines

Under this university there are 3 affiliated hospitals and 11 unaffiliated hospitals. Aside to this there are 97 teaching as well as practicing bases. Both national and international students are welcome to take admission with Shandong University of TCM MBBS.  286 international students can get admission here.   It has 14 colleges and 24 teaching hospitals. SDUTCM managed to build long-term relationships with 30 prestigious foreign universities as well as medical organizations.  It is recognized by WHO & IMED. Apart from these 2, the university is also recognized by Chinese ministry of Education, China Scholarship Council, UNESCO, Chinese medical association.

About MBBS from Shandong University of TCM MBBS: The MBBS course of 5 years and lecturers are given in English language so that foreign students can capture the lessons properly. Degree is awarded to the students only after completion of 1 year internship. But Studying the Chinese Language is must along with medical studies as this helps in effective interaction in class and in hospitals while under training. Learning this language is also important for enjoying a comfortable and safe stay in China.

About scholarship from SDUTCM: SDUTCM is offering special scholarships to the overseas students who proved them to be excellent in academic performance. The first scholarship is named as Shandong Province Government Scholarships which is strictly for the Foreign Students.  The second scholarship is named as Education Ministry Scholarships and is meant for the students from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other overseas Chinese students. For more information about the admission process and the scholarship contact the management of the university. One point education is a reputed consultancy firm which can help and guide you in getting smooth and hassle free admission in this university. MBBS in China


North Sichuan Medical University

North Sichuan Medical University (NSMC) is one of the most reputed provincial medical University of China. It is a government-run college of medicine which is located in the Sichuan Province. It was founded in the year 1951 as North Sichuan School of Medicine. It was in the year 1985 when this school was renamed as North Sichuan Medical College.

North Sichuan Medical University

About the campus of NSMC:  North Sichuan Medical University is having two separate campuses. One is known as the west campus, which is popular as old campus. This campus is located in downtown Nanchong City.  The second campus is known as the east campus, which is also known as the new campus. This campus is located in the District of Gaoping located in Nanchong City. Both the campuses cover an area of 823,693 square meters. Roughly there are 10,000 students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs which are conducted by this university. NSMC is having 400 members as faculty and each of them are holding either a Master’s or a Doctorate degree. University is having 3 national level scientific research labs and 13 key courses which are of provincial level. The campus is having an excellent library for use of students. It is having an excellent collection of 930,000 books physically apart from 17,000 electronic periodicals which are in both Chinese as well as in other foreign languages. The accumulated value of all college’s equipment used for teaching as well as scientific research is more than that of 400 million Yuan (RMB). University is having several achievements in its record.

Departments of North Sichuan Medical University: The University is having 12 undergraduate and graduate specialties and they are:

  1. Clinical medicine
  2. Imaging medicine
  3. Laboratory medicine
  4. Stomatology
  5. Anesthesiology
  6. Nursing
  7. Integrated medicine of TCM and Western medicine
  8. Forensics
  9. Ophthalmology
  10. Biomedical engineering
  11. Health service management
  12. Medical English.

There are 10 teaching departments which includes preclinical as well as clinical medicine. Aside to this there are 7 research departments which consist of one prestigious rheumatism research center. There are 3 preclinical experimental centers in addition to1 clinical medicine skill center, 2 clinical medicine skill center and 2 clinical hospitals.  Under this university there are 9 affiliated hospitals, 2 schools for clinical medicine, and 39 more teaching hospitals.

About the NSMC affiliated hospitals: North Sichuan Medical College, Affiliated Hospital is known to be one of the best hospitals located in northeast Sichuan. This particular hospital is having affiliated Nursing School which acts as a technical secondary school. There are many other affiliated hospitals which are linked with this prestigious university.

  • Affiliated Nanchong Central Hospital of NSMC
  • Affiliated Bazhong Hospital of NSMC
  • Affiliated Suining Hospital of NSMC.
  • Affiliated Mianyang 404 Hospital of NSMC

Documentation of a student for North Sichuan Medical University, MBBS:

  1. Completely filled application form
  2. Copy of passport or passport Number.
  3. Copy of eligibility proof of passing 10+2 courses or pre-medical study proof.
  4. Copy of character certificate or clearance certificate from local police.
  5. Valid proof of any further details requested by the university

Gannan Medical University

Located in the city of Ganzhou of Jiangx Province in China, Gannan Medical University (GMU) managed to create a great name and fame for offering high quality MBBS education to the students looking for a bright career in the medical world. This university is having recognition from WHO (world Health Organization), UNESCO, Chinese Ministry of education, China Scholarship Council as well as from Chinese Medical Association. The university came into existence in year 1941 and located very close to cities like Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macao Shenzhen. GMU is having sister relationship with many universities located in USA, Europe, Japan and many more Asian Countries. The university was established as Ganxian Advanced Midwifery Vocational School of Jiangxi Province in 1941; in August 1958 it was renamed as Gannan Medical Technical School which was again updated to GMU in year 1988 in the month of April.

Gannan medical university

About the Gannan Medical University campus: The University comprises of 2 beautiful campuses having peaceful and comfortable atmosphere for the students present in campus. Being one of the higher institutes for medical sciences, GMU remains under the close supervision of the Jiangxi Provincial Government. Close to 20,000 health workers are already trained by this university successfully and each of them are now placed or working with some of the leading hospitals and clinics across globe. GMU bagged the title of “Qualified University” by Ministry of Education for the People’s Republic China. Both the campuses are having international students from countries like Pakistan, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, Nepal, and other East Asian countries. In total the university is having 16 schools under it along 11 departments. Further to this the 16 schools and 11 departments are having under it 65 teaching and research sections, 4 institutions for research, 4 general labs apart from 8 specialized labs. Gannan Medical University is having close to 1800 teaching staffs. Apart from education the campuses are designed to offer all-round development opportunities for the students. Apart from medical studies initiative are taken by the management of GMU to encourage students in extracurricular activities.  The campuses are covering an area of 1,200 mu

About MBBS studies in GMU Campus:  Education is given to the students in English language. The course duration is of 5 years with additional 1 year for internship training. There are few criteria which are too be followed by the students to make application and to get admission in GMU.

  • Need to have own passport for admission
  • Need to pass 10+2 exams having pre-medical subject
  • Need to healthy and fit both mentally and physically
  • Need to be ready to abide by the rules and regulations of GMU and its associated sister medical colleges
  • Need to be fluent in English language

Once the admission is confirmed by Gannan Medical University for the applied student, he or she can proceed further for the documentation and processing of students Visa. You can consult the experts of reputed education consultancy firms to process you admission steps. Onepoint education consultancy is one of the best students guide for overseas studies.

The Most Trusted University In China For MBBS – Henan University

Henan University stands to be one of the oldest public universities in the Chinese Province. Positioned in Kaifeng, it is a wonderful university that lays emphasis on bringing out the best in students by providing them more of a practical knowledge; especially in the study of MBBS. Kaifeng is a famous historic city, which had been the capital of China throughout seven different dynasties. The university was founded in 1912 and was originally named The Preparatory School for Further Study in Europe and America. Further to this, in the year 1923, it was renamed as Zhengzhou University. In fact, its name again got changed to Provincial Henan University. Before restoring its existing name as Henan University in 1984, its name changed a lot many times.

Quality of Education in Henan University:

Established mutually by the Henan Provincial Government and the Ministry of Education, Henan University holds significance as one of the key universities of the College and University Infrastructure Construction Project taking place in the Central as well as Western Areas. The university campus comprises of 35 schools that are offering around 89 undergraduate programs, 42 major discipline Master’s programs, 18 expert Master’s programs, 12 main discipline doctoral programs and 15 doctoral research centers.

Along with this, the university is home to a National Key Laboratory of Cotton Biology, 3 Significant Laboratories of the Ministry of Education: Key Laboratory of Special Functional Materials, Key Laboratory of Plant Stress Biology and even Yellow River digital geographic Technology Laboratory. The programs available in the university are also available in English language that makes it easier for the international students to understand the concepts. In this way, they do not have to face any kind of language barriers too.

Talking about the accommodation, the Henan university has hostel facilities for international and resident Chinese students. The facilities are impeccable and allow students to enjoy excellent camaraderie. Even, the food facility is excellent and fresh that enable the students to feel at home.

Fee Structure of Henan University:

Henan University is a widespread university having 11 branches of education that comprises economics, philosophy, education, agriculture, engineering, history, liberal arts, law, management, medicine, and science. Talking about the fee structure of the university, the fee for non-degree or certificate programs varies from RMB 2400 to RMB 11,200. On the other hand, the total fee for bachelors program falls between the bracket of RMB 16,000 to RMB 17,600 Per Year.

Considering the fee structure for master’s program in Henan University has been decided between RMB 20,000 and RMB 24,800 on yearly basis. And finally, for the Doctorate program, the university charges fee from RMB 22,400 to RMB 25,600 Per Year. Apart from the usual fee, the students are required to pay RMB 800 as application fee and living expenses from RMB 1,600 to RMB 2,050 on monthly basis.

Changsha Medical University

Changsha Medical University is one of the highly reputed medical universities of China and is located in Changsha area of Hunan Province in China. This university came in to existence under the mentorship of famous educator Binsheng He in the year 1989. In the initial days this university was known as South Hunan Health Vocational School. 10 years after this it got upgraded and in 1999 renamed as South Hunan Medical College. 6 years after this period in year 2005 in the month of March it was upgraded again as Changsha Medical University and that was by Ministry of Education. This university is having the recognition of World Health Organization (WHO). CSMU is open for both students of China and for international students.

Medical Universities In China

About the campus of CSMU:

The University comprises of 2 campuses-

1: Changsha Campus (This is the new Campus) – This campus is located in Changsha city of Hunan and covers an area 1260 mu with floor area of 565 thousand Sqm. The value of the general assets of this campus of CSMU amounts to of 2.3 billion Yuan.

2: Hengyang Campus (This is the old Campus) – This CSMU campus is the oldest one at located at Hengyang City, of western suburbs Zone.  It is in close proximity to West Lake Park and Shek Kwu Park. The campus covers an area of 200 mu with built up area of 30,000 Sqm. Facilities which are made available to the students of the university in this campus are having a value of 40 million Yuan.

CSMU is one such university of china which received the grant as one of the supporting institution for National Natural Science Foundation and National Social Science Foundation projects in the year 2008.


CSMU offers education for 15 specialties for the undergraduate students and 8 more specialties for the students of junior college. The number of students for CSMU already crossed the mark of 22,000. The university is having the affiliation of 14 general hospitals apart from 81 hospitals for training. Besides this there are 8 teaching hospitals under this university. CSMU also includes 1 Grade III-A and 4 Grade II-A polyclinics having 2500 beds in it.  As per latest rule students of MBBS needs to Clear HSK Level 4 by end of 1st year. After successfully completing HSK which is Chinese Proficiency Test, Student will be allowed to continue their studies being MBBS Student. The total period for MBBS degree is 6 years and degree will be awarded only after successful clearing of the papers by the students. Students need to complete generally, the internship which will last for minimum 48 weeks. Hostel and canteen facilities are made available to the international students. All passed out students of CSMU are successfully placed with some of the best hospitals and medical centers across the globe.

For details about the admission process and documentation one can directly visit the university website. One can also seek the assistance of the overseas education experts for the steps to be followed to get admission.

Capital Medical University

Forming to be a part of China’s cultural heritage city called Beijing, Capital Medical University falls in the Grade A section with highly qualified staff and excellent education. In fact, Beijing has become education hub of China and has contributed a lot towards developing medical studies in the country. This medical university has developed into one of the most decorated medical universities in China and has shaped bright career of numerous general practitioners as well as academic leaders of Beijing. Not just providing qualitative education to Chinese doctors; it has also trained various international students and helped them in realizing their medical needs.

Capital Medical University

Quality of Medical Education in Capital Medical University:

Founded in 1960 by Professor Wu Jieping, the university has managed to gain extensive recognition for its quality education. The university campus consists of 10 schools, 14 hospitals, and 1 teaching institution. In fact, the institute’s Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering have a set of 1,000 professors as well as 2,000 associate professors. And the good thing about the staff of the university is that they are experts in their field with high-grade education to assist them in their task of dispensing medical education. Capital Medical University has an enrollment of about 9000 students for medical programs such as bachelors, masters, doctorates, and certificates.

Along with this, the faculty of the medical university is active in training physicians and health professionals through the assistance of tutorials, seminars, off-campus drives and teaching rounds. This happens to cover an extensive array of fields that contains Neuroscience, Clinical Medicine, Basic Medicine, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Urology, Geriatrics, Pain Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Reproduction and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Along with these, Histology and Embryology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, System Anatomy, Abnormal Human Body Morphology Experiment, Medical Microbiology, Oral Science, Human Parasitology, Medical Biology Experiment, Psychiatry, Evidence-based Medicine, Pathogen Biology and Immunology Experiment, Chinese, Advanced Mathematics, Basic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Medical Physics are a couple of courses organized by the University.

The Capital Medical University has managed to gain extensive reputation in the fields of Neurology, Neurobiology, Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Medical Iconography and Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery. Its exchange programs are quite well-known and the university has partnership with diverse universities in more than 20 countries.

Fee Structure of Capital Medical University:

As the course in Capital Medical University is stretched to 6 years with last year dedicated to internship, one has to submit the fee on yearly basis. In the first year or the medical course, tuition fee is at 5 Lakh, hostel charges at 90000, and other miscellaneous charges at 2.10 Lakh. Right from the second year to the last one, the aspirant medical practitioners studying at the university have to pay tuition and hostel fee same as that of first year. The only difference is in the other miscellaneous expenses that reduce to about 20000 INR. This makes the entire course fee structure decided at around 42 Lakhs. With this, Indian students are required to pay an extra of 2.50 Lakh for 6 months Premedical course from March to August.

Anhui Medical University

One of the highly reputed and key provincial university of China is Anhui Medical University (AMU). It is located at Hefei, in Anhui province of China. This is a medical institution with rich history and it started its journey way back in the year 1926. Dongnan Medical College was the earlier name of this university and later in 1952 it was renamed as Anhui Medical College. After getting the required approval from National Committee of Education In June, 1996 it got its final name of AMU.

Educational options in Anhui Medical University :

This University is now having 25 teaching institutions and in it includes School of International Education. In total there are 32 specialized studies which are conducted here in undergraduate studies. Aside to under graduate programs this University is having authorization to conduct 3 post-doctorial scientific research programs, which are designed to grant doctorial degrees to students in 27 specialties and master degrees to students of 27 specialties. AMU is having under it 5 direct affiliated hospitals with more than 10000 beds, apart from 6 other non-direct affiliated hospitals. In recent time, Anhui Medical University managed to prove itself best and much ahead of other provincial universities based on total amount of grants received from Natural Science Foundation of China. The Programs are available for both Chinese and international students. Syllabus of each specialty based on International standard requirements, and the degree awarded by AMU is recognized worldwide. This university is ranked 23rd in the list of top 100 Universities of China. The university is allowing international medical students to complete their internship either in home country or even in recognized medical centers of China. The minimum duration of internship is 48 weeks or 1 year.  For eligible candidates Scholarship is also available.

Anhui Medical University Campus:

The University is having two campuses. One is the main campus while the other one is southern campus. The total accumulated area which is covered by the campus is 860000 square meters with a floor space close to 700 thousand Sq.m. The campus is situated on South No.1 Ring-Road of Hefei.  There are 18000 students along with 160 international students. AMU library is having a wide collection of 720000 volumes and 20000 varieties of periodical as well as journals both physical and e-journals.


Anhui Medical University is Recognized by WHO, CMC and CSC and marked by China Ministry of Education to empower it to enroll International students for admission in Fully English Medium Medical programs.

Anhui Medical University structure:

University structure consists of 1) School of Public health, 2) College of Stomatology, 3) College of Health Administration 4) College of Pharmacy,5) College of Nursing, 6) College of basic medicine and 7) College of Humanities and Social Science.

About the MBBS program:

On successful completion of the MBBS in China course, degree is awarded to the students. The program is of 6 years duration. Scholarship is available  for best candidates. Masters programs include Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Pharmacology and Traditional Chinese Pharmacology. All master’s program are of 3 years duration.

MBBS in China

MBBS in China

Becoming a doctor is everyone’s dream, which requires getting knowledge from reputed medical university for a profitable career. And when it comes to studying MBBS in China, the country welcome international students with open arms. With a variety of top-notch medical universities accessible in China aspiring medical practitioners can get admission by fulfilling the respective criteria. An excellent thing about getting an MBBS in China is that its fee structure is quite affordable in comparison to other countries and the quality of education is high. In fact, the universities tend to give more weightage to imparting practical knowledge than the theoretical part only. Some of the most renowned universities on the block are:

MBBS in China

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine:

As an essential part of the top 100 medical universities in the world, Beijing University offers qualitative TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) program. Indeed, it is considered as one of the significant places for talents’ training and scientific research over Moxibustion, Acupuncture, TCM and Tuina.  A good thing about studying MBBS in China at this university is that international students can enjoy the benefit English based programs. So, there is no chance of language barrier at all.

Shenyang Medical College:

With a track record of recruiting international students from past 10 years, Shenyang medical college is one of the most sought after options. Having good quality education, strict management and cheaper fee structure, aspiring doctors can really get extensive knowledge here. Along with this, the students from this medical college stand higher chance of clearing Medical Licensing Examination.

Dalian Medical University:

Being a part of the best tourist site of China, Dalian University is positioned at the coastline. A beneficial part of studying MBBS in China from this university that it has been listed the largest medical university in China and has been giving admission to international students on constant basis. Well, the MBBS program from the university is famous for firm foundation and stronger academic background. It also has English based program that allow international students to understand the nuances of MBBS and other medical fields. The most essential part of acquiring a degree from Dalian Medical University is that it offers internship in top ranked hospitals of China.

China Medical University:

Known to be one of the top ten medical colleges with a history of 79 years, China Medical University was the first one to be established by Chinese Communist Party in 1931. Indeed, it has been offering medical education in English language since 1978 and ranked 4th most important university in China. Located in Shenyang district of China, its MBBS program has been listed by WHO and attained international reputation for quality education. And one important factor to note is that the students studying MBBS in China from this university can opt to pay just one-third of the entire course fee on willingness to do internship outside China.

Guangxi Medical University:

Famed as the best medical university in Guangxi district, it stands proud as a part of 22 oldest medical colleges in China. Certainly, it has MBBS program and other medical degree programs in English too. This enables international students to understand concepts in an easy manner. And it is one of the favorite universities for medical students because of lower fee structure with affordable living expenses.

MBBS in China

China is considered as one of the world’s largest Economy. Known for the rich industrial and economic culture, it also provides best and state-of-the-art educational and learning opportunities. It is worth notifying that there are numerous reasons to do MBBS in China. Let’s explore few important reasons in this article:-

 1 – Many Choices

Due to the continuous interest of the Chinese Education Ministry, many new colleges and universities comes up every year with plenty of opportunities for the young aspirants. There are over 40 medical colleges which accept International students. This number will always increase. So, it provides ample opportunities to the international students to pursue MBBS in China.

With continuous interest in medical education, the quality of the medical education has drastically increased and now touching global heights. To add on, the rich and diverse culture of the China ensures there are cultural activities happening round-the-year.

So, the international students can enjoy a perfect work-life balance. If the students want to plan an outing, there are many choices for the same due to the varying weather conditions.

 2 – Low cost

The cost of education is lower than other countries. The tuition, hostel, and mess charges are very less as compared to other parts of the world. Every university is equipped with lush green campus, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and latest research/development facilities. Students get a chance to learn new and practical medical treatments. So, keeping the overall package, the cost of education is very low.

 3 – Internship Opportunities

There are plenty of international internship opportunities available in the country. There are many certified medical hospitals available with strong collaborations with international hospitals. Both the universities conduct international seminars to ensure there are no issues at all in terms of the knowledge transfer.

The practical internship opportunities ensure students are well prepared for any upcoming challenges in the medical science and can treat patients at ease. Many Chinese universities are ranked among the top 500 medical universities in the World. Every university follows a stringent procedure with a particular teaching system and course schedule.

4 – Easy and Flexible Admission Procedure

As compared to the other parts of the world, the admission procedure is easy and straightforward in China.

In a nutshell, it’s very easy to pursue MBBS in China. If you want to take admission in a top college and do not want to waste time, it is advisable to contact a top university in this amazing country and start your dream medical career. Jianghan University

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