Anhui Medical University

One of the highly reputed and key provincial university of China is Anhui Medical University (AMU). It is located at Hefei, in Anhui province of China. This is a medical institution with rich history and it started its journey way back in the year 1926. Dongnan Medical College was the earlier name of this university and later in 1952 it was renamed as Anhui Medical College. After getting the required approval from National Committee of Education In June, 1996 it got its final name of AMU.

Educational options in Anhui Medical University :

This University is now having 25 teaching institutions and in it includes School of International Education. In total there are 32 specialized studies which are conducted here in undergraduate studies. Aside to under graduate programs this University is having authorization to conduct 3 post-doctorial scientific research programs, which are designed to grant doctorial degrees to students in 27 specialties and master degrees to students of 27 specialties. AMU is having under it 5 direct affiliated hospitals with more than 10000 beds, apart from 6 other non-direct affiliated hospitals. In recent time, Anhui Medical University managed to prove itself best and much ahead of other provincial universities based on total amount of grants received from Natural Science Foundation of China. The Programs are available for both Chinese and international students. Syllabus of each specialty based on International standard requirements, and the degree awarded by AMU is recognized worldwide. This university is ranked 23rd in the list of top 100 Universities of China. The university is allowing international medical students to complete their internship either in home country or even in recognized medical centers of China. The minimum duration of internship is 48 weeks or 1 year.  For eligible candidates Scholarship is also available.

Anhui Medical University Campus:

The University is having two campuses. One is the main campus while the other one is southern campus. The total accumulated area which is covered by the campus is 860000 square meters with a floor space close to 700 thousand Sq.m. The campus is situated on South No.1 Ring-Road of Hefei.  There are 18000 students along with 160 international students. AMU library is having a wide collection of 720000 volumes and 20000 varieties of periodical as well as journals both physical and e-journals.


Anhui Medical University is Recognized by WHO, CMC and CSC and marked by China Ministry of Education to empower it to enroll International students for admission in Fully English Medium Medical programs.

Anhui Medical University structure:

University structure consists of 1) School of Public health, 2) College of Stomatology, 3) College of Health Administration 4) College of Pharmacy,5) College of Nursing, 6) College of basic medicine and 7) College of Humanities and Social Science.

About the MBBS program:

On successful completion of the MBBS in China course, degree is awarded to the students. The program is of 6 years duration. Scholarship is available  for best candidates. Masters programs include Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Pharmacology and Traditional Chinese Pharmacology. All master’s program are of 3 years duration.

MBBS in China

MBBS in China

Becoming a doctor is everyone’s dream, which requires getting knowledge from reputed medical university for a profitable career. And when it comes to studying MBBS in China, the country welcome international students with open arms. With a variety of top-notch medical universities accessible in China aspiring medical practitioners can get admission by fulfilling the respective criteria. An excellent thing about getting an MBBS in China is that its fee structure is quite affordable in comparison to other countries and the quality of education is high. In fact, the universities tend to give more weightage to imparting practical knowledge than the theoretical part only. Some of the most renowned universities on the block are:

MBBS in China

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine:

As an essential part of the top 100 medical universities in the world, Beijing University offers qualitative TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) program. Indeed, it is considered as one of the significant places for talents’ training and scientific research over Moxibustion, Acupuncture, TCM and Tuina.  A good thing about studying MBBS in China at this university is that international students can enjoy the benefit English based programs. So, there is no chance of language barrier at all.

Shenyang Medical College:

With a track record of recruiting international students from past 10 years, Shenyang medical college is one of the most sought after options. Having good quality education, strict management and cheaper fee structure, aspiring doctors can really get extensive knowledge here. Along with this, the students from this medical college stand higher chance of clearing Medical Licensing Examination.

Dalian Medical University:

Being a part of the best tourist site of China, Dalian University is positioned at the coastline. A beneficial part of studying MBBS in China from this university that it has been listed the largest medical university in China and has been giving admission to international students on constant basis. Well, the MBBS program from the university is famous for firm foundation and stronger academic background. It also has English based program that allow international students to understand the nuances of MBBS and other medical fields. The most essential part of acquiring a degree from Dalian Medical University is that it offers internship in top ranked hospitals of China.

China Medical University:

Known to be one of the top ten medical colleges with a history of 79 years, China Medical University was the first one to be established by Chinese Communist Party in 1931. Indeed, it has been offering medical education in English language since 1978 and ranked 4th most important university in China. Located in Shenyang district of China, its MBBS program has been listed by WHO and attained international reputation for quality education. And one important factor to note is that the students studying MBBS in China from this university can opt to pay just one-third of the entire course fee on willingness to do internship outside China.

Guangxi Medical University:

Famed as the best medical university in Guangxi district, it stands proud as a part of 22 oldest medical colleges in China. Certainly, it has MBBS program and other medical degree programs in English too. This enables international students to understand concepts in an easy manner. And it is one of the favorite universities for medical students because of lower fee structure with affordable living expenses.

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