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China is the Best Option For MBBS

MBBS or Bachelor of Medical and Bachelor of Science are a part of medical education that guarantees productive future. An effort made by the aspiring doctors to be the life saviors, MBBS is a necessary step that has to be completed in order to attain doctorate. The course of MBBS includes a deeper insight into anatomy, pharmacology, physiology, pathology, microbiology, biochemistry and community medicine in the first two semesters of MBBS in China. Further to this, the third as well as fourth semester talks about providing knowledge on medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, paediatrics, ophthalmology, obstetrics, gynaecology, radiology, toxicology, anaesthesiology, psychiatry and forensic medicine.

MBBS in China

Quality of Medical Education in China:

China has always been known for revising its course of MBBS on constant basis to ensure high quality education to the students. Be it Indian community of students doing MBBS in China or the resident students, all of them have to appear in SET (Standard Entrance Test) developed by academic steering committees from China’s prominent MBBS. Certainly stating, SET is a yardstick for proving high-graded quality to sifter excellent and deserving students for studying MBBS in China. Considering the time included in completing MBBS, the Chinese Universities have duration of 6 years. Out of these 6 years, first 5 years are dedicated to attaining hardcore medical education and the last year is meant for practical internship for acquiring in-depth knowledge of medical practice. Moreover, the education level of MBBS in China keeps on including newer development in the courseware for advanced understanding of the subject matter.

Cost of Medical Education in China:

Cost is one of the most important factors that play a vital role in taking decision. There are many students, who wish to acquire excusive knowledge in MBBS from top notch universities and do not have enough funds to shell out 50 or 60 lakhs on the entire course. For them, MBBS in China is the perfect solution because medical education is of supreme quality. With constant additions to the courseware, aspirant doctors are bound to get technocratic understanding of the medical nuances.

Taking note of the fee structure, China has 2 categories of medical universities – A and B. Depending on the available budget, one can select the option. Huazhong medical university, Capital medical university, Dalian medical university, Hebei medical university and China medical university are said to fall in the A Category. On the other hand, Jiangsu university, Jilin medical university, Nanjing medical university and China three gorges university happen to fall in the B category. The fee of A category medical universities, to do MBBS in China, for entire course is around 2400000; while, the B category of medical universities have free structure wavering from 900000 to 170000 Lakhs of rupees.

Eligibility Criteria for Attaining Medical Education in China:

Ideating the eligibility criteria for getting admission in A category medical colleges of China explicates that students are required to have 70 to 85 percent in combined PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) at higher secondary. On the other side of the coin, the B category medical colleges in China calls for scoring 65 to 85 percent in PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). As the student completes eligibility criteria, they have to appear for entrance test to secure seat for MBBS in China.

Join MBBS in Russia

Being a doctor is one of the most reputed careers in the world that fetches goodwill and fame together. Indeed, doctors are considered as the representatives of god with the ability to save lives. But, becoming a doctor is not as easy as eating a piece of cake. Studying hard and concentrating on the practical aspects helps to train an aspiring doctor. Prior to putting efforts in medical study, it is highly important for the person to select a reputable institute within their strict budget constraints. This brings studying MBBS in Russia to limelight because of the quality education, cost effective measures and easy staying options.

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Quality of Medical Education in Russia:

The excellence of MBBS education in Russia is unveiled in its emphasis on practical knowledge over the theoretical concepts. Though, the theory part is also there; still, more weightage is given to hands-on experience in real life conditions. Indeed, the beneficial part of studying MBBS in Russia is that mentors or teachers in the institutes have a tremendous amount of experience in the respective field. On the other hand, it is much more favorable than other private medical institutes in different countries paying more attention to theory and dispensing less of practical knowledge. Not to forget that it values the admission of foreign students and provide facility of Medical Course in English Language that various other countries do not have. Moreover, MBBS from Russian medical institutes is acknowledged worldwide ensuring a productive career.

Every year, Russian medical institutes start their academic session from September. In fact, the students have to clear two semesters every year; out of which, the first one stretches from September to January and the second one goes from February to June. Taking note of the examination, 1st semester’s exams are held in January; while, the second semester exams are held in June. indeed, the students can relax from 15th July to 31st August as a part of their Summer Vacation and 20th January to 7th February as Winter Vacations.

Cost of Medical Education in Russia:

Definitely stating, studying MBBS in Russia is far cheaper than paying fees at Indian or even American Medical colleges. Every year, hundreds of students come to Russia for attaining medical education with quality intact. The course ware stretches to 6 years with approximate cost at 20000 US Dollars. This fee happens to include tuition and accommodation fee, which makes it quite a budgetary option to avail. Though, there is a chance that the fee structure might slightly waver as per the city selected for medical studies.

Eligibility Factor for Medical Education in Russia:

When it comes to identifying the eligibility criteria for doing MBBS in Russia, the students are required to pass Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English on compulsory notes. Along with this, the person should have completed the age of 17 years before 31st December of the admission year. The good thing about admission to MBBS in Russia is that there is no entrance exam and seats are provided on first come first basis.

With so many benefits easily available in Russia, studying medical is better than other nations. Of course, the foreign students are valued similar to the resident ones and they do not have to face discrimination.

Changsha Medical University

Changsha Medical University is one of the highly reputed medical universities of China and is located in Changsha area of Hunan Province in China. This university came in to existence under the mentorship of famous educator Binsheng He in the year 1989. In the initial days this university was known as South Hunan Health Vocational School. 10 years after this it got upgraded and in 1999 renamed as South Hunan Medical College. 6 years after this period in year 2005 in the month of March it was upgraded again as Changsha Medical University and that was by Ministry of Education. This university is having the recognition of World Health Organization (WHO). CSMU is open for both students of China and for international students.

Medical Universities In China

About the campus of CSMU:

The University comprises of 2 campuses-

1: Changsha Campus (This is the new Campus) – This campus is located in Changsha city of Hunan and covers an area 1260 mu with floor area of 565 thousand Sqm. The value of the general assets of this campus of CSMU amounts to of 2.3 billion Yuan.

2: Hengyang Campus (This is the old Campus) – This CSMU campus is the oldest one at located at Hengyang City, of western suburbs Zone.  It is in close proximity to West Lake Park and Shek Kwu Park. The campus covers an area of 200 mu with built up area of 30,000 Sqm. Facilities which are made available to the students of the university in this campus are having a value of 40 million Yuan.

CSMU is one such university of china which received the grant as one of the supporting institution for National Natural Science Foundation and National Social Science Foundation projects in the year 2008.


CSMU offers education for 15 specialties for the undergraduate students and 8 more specialties for the students of junior college. The number of students for CSMU already crossed the mark of 22,000. The university is having the affiliation of 14 general hospitals apart from 81 hospitals for training. Besides this there are 8 teaching hospitals under this university. CSMU also includes 1 Grade III-A and 4 Grade II-A polyclinics having 2500 beds in it.  As per latest rule students of MBBS needs to Clear HSK Level 4 by end of 1st year. After successfully completing HSK which is Chinese Proficiency Test, Student will be allowed to continue their studies being MBBS Student. The total period for MBBS degree is 6 years and degree will be awarded only after successful clearing of the papers by the students. Students need to complete generally, the internship which will last for minimum 48 weeks. Hostel and canteen facilities are made available to the international students. All passed out students of CSMU are successfully placed with some of the best hospitals and medical centers across the globe.

For details about the admission process and documentation one can directly visit the university website. One can also seek the assistance of the overseas education experts for the steps to be followed to get admission.

MBBS in China

MBBS in China

Becoming a doctor is everyone’s dream, which requires getting knowledge from reputed medical university for a profitable career. And when it comes to studying MBBS in China, the country welcome international students with open arms. With a variety of top-notch medical universities accessible in China aspiring medical practitioners can get admission by fulfilling the respective criteria. An excellent thing about getting an MBBS in China is that its fee structure is quite affordable in comparison to other countries and the quality of education is high. In fact, the universities tend to give more weightage to imparting practical knowledge than the theoretical part only. Some of the most renowned universities on the block are:

MBBS in China

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine:

As an essential part of the top 100 medical universities in the world, Beijing University offers qualitative TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) program. Indeed, it is considered as one of the significant places for talents’ training and scientific research over Moxibustion, Acupuncture, TCM and Tuina.  A good thing about studying MBBS in China at this university is that international students can enjoy the benefit English based programs. So, there is no chance of language barrier at all.

Shenyang Medical College:

With a track record of recruiting international students from past 10 years, Shenyang medical college is one of the most sought after options. Having good quality education, strict management and cheaper fee structure, aspiring doctors can really get extensive knowledge here. Along with this, the students from this medical college stand higher chance of clearing Medical Licensing Examination.

Dalian Medical University:

Being a part of the best tourist site of China, Dalian University is positioned at the coastline. A beneficial part of studying MBBS in China from this university that it has been listed the largest medical university in China and has been giving admission to international students on constant basis. Well, the MBBS program from the university is famous for firm foundation and stronger academic background. It also has English based program that allow international students to understand the nuances of MBBS and other medical fields. The most essential part of acquiring a degree from Dalian Medical University is that it offers internship in top ranked hospitals of China.

China Medical University:

Known to be one of the top ten medical colleges with a history of 79 years, China Medical University was the first one to be established by Chinese Communist Party in 1931. Indeed, it has been offering medical education in English language since 1978 and ranked 4th most important university in China. Located in Shenyang district of China, its MBBS program has been listed by WHO and attained international reputation for quality education. And one important factor to note is that the students studying MBBS in China from this university can opt to pay just one-third of the entire course fee on willingness to do internship outside China.

Guangxi Medical University:

Famed as the best medical university in Guangxi district, it stands proud as a part of 22 oldest medical colleges in China. Certainly, it has MBBS program and other medical degree programs in English too. This enables international students to understand concepts in an easy manner. And it is one of the favorite universities for medical students because of lower fee structure with affordable living expenses.

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