The Most Trusted University In China For MBBS – Henan University

Henan University stands to be one of the oldest public universities in the Chinese Province. Positioned in Kaifeng, it is a wonderful university that lays emphasis on bringing out the best in students by providing them more of a practical knowledge; especially in the study of MBBS. Kaifeng is a famous historic city, which had been the capital of China throughout seven different dynasties. The university was founded in 1912 and was originally named The Preparatory School for Further Study in Europe and America. Further to this, in the year 1923, it was renamed as Zhengzhou University. In fact, its name again got changed to Provincial Henan University. Before restoring its existing name as Henan University in 1984, its name changed a lot many times.

Quality of Education in Henan University:

Established mutually by the Henan Provincial Government and the Ministry of Education, Henan University holds significance as one of the key universities of the College and University Infrastructure Construction Project taking place in the Central as well as Western Areas. The university campus comprises of 35 schools that are offering around 89 undergraduate programs, 42 major discipline Master’s programs, 18 expert Master’s programs, 12 main discipline doctoral programs and 15 doctoral research centers.

Along with this, the university is home to a National Key Laboratory of Cotton Biology, 3 Significant Laboratories of the Ministry of Education: Key Laboratory of Special Functional Materials, Key Laboratory of Plant Stress Biology and even Yellow River digital geographic Technology Laboratory. The programs available in the university are also available in English language that makes it easier for the international students to understand the concepts. In this way, they do not have to face any kind of language barriers too.

Talking about the accommodation, the Henan university has hostel facilities for international and resident Chinese students. The facilities are impeccable and allow students to enjoy excellent camaraderie. Even, the food facility is excellent and fresh that enable the students to feel at home.

Fee Structure of Henan University:

Henan University is a widespread university having 11 branches of education that comprises economics, philosophy, education, agriculture, engineering, history, liberal arts, law, management, medicine, and science. Talking about the fee structure of the university, the fee for non-degree or certificate programs varies from RMB 2400 to RMB 11,200. On the other hand, the total fee for bachelors program falls between the bracket of RMB 16,000 to RMB 17,600 Per Year.

Considering the fee structure for master’s program in Henan University has been decided between RMB 20,000 and RMB 24,800 on yearly basis. And finally, for the Doctorate program, the university charges fee from RMB 22,400 to RMB 25,600 Per Year. Apart from the usual fee, the students are required to pay RMB 800 as application fee and living expenses from RMB 1,600 to RMB 2,050 on monthly basis.

Education has always been an imperative step in shaping the personality of an individual. And when it is the matter of attaining a medical degree within budget, approaching Yichun University is the perfect option. Offering high quality education to resident and international students, the professors and teachers from the university emphasize on practical knowledge. With a vigilant eye on latest developments, the courseware keeps on altering to adapt as per the changes in the medical field. Positioned in Yichun City of Jiangxi Province of China, it was established in 1958. Basically stating, the aim of the university is to foster qualitative knowledge, creative educating techniques with interdisciplinary graduates.

Yichun University

Quality of Education in Yichun University:

On an existing note, Yichun University has 6 institutes, 19 schools, more than 50 undergraduate programs and 2 conglomerated hospitals. In 2011, the university was authorized to confer a master’s degree prominently in pharmacy with the assistance of the Degree Committee of State Council of China. This indicates to the fact that the educational quality of China was elevated to a higher level.

Taking note of the enrolment of international students in the university, it has been doing so from 2006. And the good thing is that all students have gained methodical training and they have earned bachelor’s degree from the university with sheer hardwork. Also, the university has English language medical and other course programs that make it possible for the international students to enjoy better understanding of the subject matter.

Not just the quality education, the Yichun University offers excellent living standards to international students with impeccable facilities to ensure that their study experience in China is excellent. Indeed, the international students are not only competent enough to apply for Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship; but, they can also have a chance to apply for the special scholarship presented by the university. This happens to cut down on the existing fee structure of the students, making it affordable more.

The Yichun University comprises of 11 faculties that offer excellent educational facilities. School of Humanities, School of Engineering, School of Science, School of Medicine, School of Agriculture, School of Foreign Language Studies, School of Business and Law, School of Adult Education, School of Physical Education, School of Art and School of Vocational & Technical Education.

Fee Structure of Yichun University:

Yichun University finds its place among the most valuable places to get education at affordable fee. At the university, educational quality is never compromised and the students can be rest assured of brilliant studying experience. Considering the fee structure of the university, its first year fee totals to 28300 RMB with tuition fee at 14000 RMB, hostel fee as 3600 RMB, Liaison & Management fee at 9000 RMB, registration fee as 400 RMB, Medical check-up at 300 RMB, health insurance at 600 RMB and Visa Extension Fee at 400 RMB. From the second year onwards, students have to pay a total of 15600 RMB including tuition fee at 12000 RMB and hostel fee as 3600 RMB. In compare to other universities around the globe, this university provides high quality education at low budget.

List of top medical university in china

List of Top Medical University In China
1 Anhui Medical University Hefei
2 Changsha Medical University Changsha
3 Chengde Medical University Chengde
4 Gannan Medical University Ganzhou
5 Hebei Medical University Hebei
6 Hubei Polytechnic University MBBS Huangshi
7 Jianghan University Wuhan
8 Jining Medical University Shandong
9 Shandong University of TCM Jinan
10 North Sichuan Medical University Nanchong
11 Yichun University Yichun
12 Shanxi Medical University Taiyuan
13 Henan University of Science and Technology Luoyang
14 Qiqihar Medical University Heilongjiang
15 Jilin Medical College Changchun
16 Jiujiang University Jiangxi
17 Henan University Kaifeng
18 Guilin Medical University Guilin
19 Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine Guangxi Zhuang
20 Hebei United University Tangshan
21 Capital Medical University Beijing

Hebei Medical University

HMU is the oldest AAA graded medical school in the country. It is located in Shijiazhuang which is a 4 hours drive from Beijing. The university was in news recently as the doctors carried out the first finger transplantation surgery in China. The university also received acclaim in their experiments conducted in the world of acute motor axonal neuropathy. Every year, nearly 200 research projects are undertaken in the university. It is a perfect place for a young medical candidate to learn real-life medical challenges.

Hebei United University ( North China University of Science and Technology )

Located in Tangshan, the university has solid and experienced teaching resources. The university believes in deploying the latest medical and research equipment. It has bought 300 million Yuan RMB worth of equipment. It is indeed a great place to pursue MBBS or postgraduate course.

Hubei Polytechnic University MBBS

The HPU offers a very holistic environment to pursue medical courses. Founded in 1975, the university is located in the Hubei Sheng area. Currently, more than 30,000 students are pursuing their dream career in this university. As a student, you can easily learn and master yourself in the field of nursing, pharmacy, and medical technology.

Jianghan University

The Jianghan University offers more than 40 undergraduate programs. More than 1000 full-time teachers teach the aspirants to become doctors and specialists in their field. It is located in Wuhan, Hubei.

Jining Medical University

If you are looking to pursue MBBS in China near Shandong province, JMU should be your ideal choice. It has a 3-year MD program and offers all the popular courses in the medical science field.

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