Looking to do an intensive and comprehensive medical course in China? Congratulations, you have taken the right decision. However, if you are not aware of the list of medical universities in China,you can follow this blog post to get a brief idea about the top universities in the China.

  1. Anhui Medical University


The Anhui Medical University consists of 2 main campuses divided in a lush green environment spread in 860000 square meters. It takes 20 minutes to cover the entire campus by walk. There are many departments in the university including the Department of clinical medicine, medical psychology, iconography, anesthesia, cosmetic science, nursing, basic medicine, and social science etc.

  1. Capital Medical University


Capital Medical University Located in Beijing, the CMU was founded in 1960. It is considered as the top and key municipal universities in China. Blessed with latest medical equipment, infrastructure, and medical education, the University consists of 10 schools, affiliated hospitals, and 1 teaching institution. It provides a wide range of educational programs and courses for Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates, and short term certification courses. The USP of the University is the excellent international exchange program combined with strong competence in the scientific research field.

  1. Changsha Medical University

The Changsha medical university was founded by one of the famous educator Binsheng He. In 2005, the university was given an official status of a recognized medical university for undergraduates. It is located in Changsha. The university is listed in the official WHO list and accepts international students. The lower educational cost combined with top research facilities attracts a large international pool of student.


  1. Chengde Medical University

Chengde Medical University

The famous Chengde medical university is a licensed and authorized university offering Bachelor, Postgraduates, and other programs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, and Psychology. The USP of the university is the international student exchange programs and collaboration activities with established universities from Japan, Russia, Canada and other countries.


  1. Gannan Medical University


Gannan Medical University Popularly known as GMU, the university has got a rich history. It is blessed with a monumental campus area and high-quality medical buildings, lecture halls, and hostel facilities. It is located in the historical Jiangxi province and provides top career opportunities in the medical field. The University has taken significant medical research projects related to the Chinese Nature Science Foundation. Due to the innovative medical center excellence and collaboration with leading universities, GMU has earned a top spot on this list.

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Changsha Medical University

Changsha Medical University is one of the highly reputed medical universities of China and is located in Changsha area of Hunan Province in China. This university came in to existence under the mentorship of famous educator Binsheng He in the year 1989. In the initial days this university was known as South Hunan Health Vocational School. 10 years after this it got upgraded and in 1999 renamed as South Hunan Medical College. 6 years after this period in year 2005 in the month of March it was upgraded again as Changsha Medical University and that was by Ministry of Education. This university is having the recognition of World Health Organization (WHO). CSMU is open for both students of China and for international students.

Medical Universities In China

About the campus of CSMU:

The University comprises of 2 campuses-

1: Changsha Campus (This is the new Campus) – This campus is located in Changsha city of Hunan and covers an area 1260 mu with floor area of 565 thousand Sqm. The value of the general assets of this campus of CSMU amounts to of 2.3 billion Yuan.

2: Hengyang Campus (This is the old Campus) – This CSMU campus is the oldest one at located at Hengyang City, of western suburbs Zone.  It is in close proximity to West Lake Park and Shek Kwu Park. The campus covers an area of 200 mu with built up area of 30,000 Sqm. Facilities which are made available to the students of the university in this campus are having a value of 40 million Yuan.

CSMU is one such university of china which received the grant as one of the supporting institution for National Natural Science Foundation and National Social Science Foundation projects in the year 2008.


CSMU offers education for 15 specialties for the undergraduate students and 8 more specialties for the students of junior college. The number of students for CSMU already crossed the mark of 22,000. The university is having the affiliation of 14 general hospitals apart from 81 hospitals for training. Besides this there are 8 teaching hospitals under this university. CSMU also includes 1 Grade III-A and 4 Grade II-A polyclinics having 2500 beds in it.  As per latest rule students of MBBS needs to Clear HSK Level 4 by end of 1st year. After successfully completing HSK which is Chinese Proficiency Test, Student will be allowed to continue their studies being MBBS Student. The total period for MBBS degree is 6 years and degree will be awarded only after successful clearing of the papers by the students. Students need to complete generally, the internship which will last for minimum 48 weeks. Hostel and canteen facilities are made available to the international students. All passed out students of CSMU are successfully placed with some of the best hospitals and medical centers across the globe.

For details about the admission process and documentation one can directly visit the university website. One can also seek the assistance of the overseas education experts for the steps to be followed to get admission.

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