China has got a proven written history of providing high-quality educational facilities in medicine and engineering fields. It is one of the fastest growing educational hubs for many aspiring international and local students. Many international students are interested in pursuing MBBS in China

In 2007, the Chinese Ministry of Education published the Interim Provisions which lists over 40 top medical colleges in China authorized to accept international students.

Due to the active involvement of the Chinese Ministry, the quality of the medical education in the country has drastically improved and now presents a great environment to the international students.

So, why pursuing a medical course in China is beneficial? Let’s discuss the top reasons for the same:-

#1 – Colorful and Enriching Campus Atmosphere

Due to the rich and diverse Chinese culture, many universities conduct special cultural activities from time to time for the international students. International students enjoy the work: life balance without any issues. To add on, the weather varies from location to location in the country. Hence, students can plan and enjoy their vacation.

# 2 – Internship Opportunities

All the certified hospitals possess advanced international standard medical instruments and other facilities. Due to the constant moderation, all the hospital adhere to the latest quality standards. Hence, students get a great opportunity to do a live internship and get practical exposure to surgeries and other medical procedures.

# 3 – Living Costs and Tuition Fees Are Considerably Lower

As per the recent reports, the living costs and the tuition fees to do MBBS in China is very less as compared to other developing nations (70% lower).

# 4 – Flexible Admission Procedure

As compared to the admission procedure in other countries, it’s easy to get through to a top ranked Chinese University. The entrance requirements are flexible and straightforward so that maximum students can enroll for the course.

# 5 – Education System

Most of the universities in China are ranked among the top 500 universities in the World. The facilities and the quality of the education are on par with the western countries. Every university has their own teaching system and course schedule prepared on the basis of national standard regulations.

Hence, you can browse the search engine to find top ranked Medical Universities in China and apply online. You will learn how to practice in a global medical environment.

You can also come back to your native country and start your own practice or apply for a job in the top hospital. As Chinese universities are accepted globally, you can easily fetch a high paying job as a doctor or surgeon.

Anhui medical university


Looking to do an intensive and comprehensive medical course in China? Congratulations, you have taken the right decision. However, if you are not aware of the list of medical universities in China,you can follow this blog post to get a brief idea about the top universities in the China.

  1. Anhui Medical University


The Anhui Medical University consists of 2 main campuses divided in a lush green environment spread in 860000 square meters. It takes 20 minutes to cover the entire campus by walk. There are many departments in the university including the Department of clinical medicine, medical psychology, iconography, anesthesia, cosmetic science, nursing, basic medicine, and social science etc.

  1. Capital Medical University


Capital Medical University Located in Beijing, the CMU was founded in 1960. It is considered as the top and key municipal universities in China. Blessed with latest medical equipment, infrastructure, and medical education, the University consists of 10 schools, affiliated hospitals, and 1 teaching institution. It provides a wide range of educational programs and courses for Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates, and short term certification courses. The USP of the University is the excellent international exchange program combined with strong competence in the scientific research field.

  1. Changsha Medical University

The Changsha medical university was founded by one of the famous educator Binsheng He. In 2005, the university was given an official status of a recognized medical university for undergraduates. It is located in Changsha. The university is listed in the official WHO list and accepts international students. The lower educational cost combined with top research facilities attracts a large international pool of student.


  1. Chengde Medical University

Chengde Medical University

The famous Chengde medical university is a licensed and authorized university offering Bachelor, Postgraduates, and other programs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, and Psychology. The USP of the university is the international student exchange programs and collaboration activities with established universities from Japan, Russia, Canada and other countries.


  1. Gannan Medical University


Gannan Medical University Popularly known as GMU, the university has got a rich history. It is blessed with a monumental campus area and high-quality medical buildings, lecture halls, and hostel facilities. It is located in the historical Jiangxi province and provides top career opportunities in the medical field. The University has taken significant medical research projects related to the Chinese Nature Science Foundation. Due to the innovative medical center excellence and collaboration with leading universities, GMU has earned a top spot on this list.

Hope this list of medical universities in China will help you to shortlist and apply to the right university!For More Info Call At :- +918689081615.

Here we providing the best medical universities in china for MBBS admission, you must want to know about the following universities and their infrastructure.  Join 5 years MBBS course with following universities.  There are few top ranking universities in china offering best quality medical education for international students from Indian, Nepal, Bangladesh Pakistan, and other Asian countries. All the following universities are MCI approved for MBBS.

Best Universities:-
3.      Changsha Medical University
4.      Chengde Medical University
7.      Hebei United University ( North China University of Science and Technology )
8.      Hubei Polytechnic University MBBS
9.      Jianghan University
11.  North Sichuan Medical University
12.  Shandong University of TCM
13.  Yichun University
14.  Shanxi Medical University
15.  HenanUniversity of Science & Technology
16.  Qiqihar Medical University
17.  Jilin Medical College
18.  Jiujiang University
19.  Henan University
20.  Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine
21.  Guilin medical University
All above listed universities allocated only few seats for international students from Asian Countries, The students can check the availability of seats with these universities by exploring their unique features or calling Indian representative on +918689081615.

Anhui Medical University

One of the highly reputed and key provincial university of China is Anhui Medical University (AMU). It is located at Hefei, in Anhui province of China. This is a medical institution with rich history and it started its journey way back in the year 1926. Dongnan Medical College was the earlier name of this university and later in 1952 it was renamed as Anhui Medical College. After getting the required approval from National Committee of Education In June, 1996 it got its final name of AMU.

Educational options in Anhui Medical University :

This University is now having 25 teaching institutions and in it includes School of International Education. In total there are 32 specialized studies which are conducted here in undergraduate studies. Aside to under graduate programs this University is having authorization to conduct 3 post-doctorial scientific research programs, which are designed to grant doctorial degrees to students in 27 specialties and master degrees to students of 27 specialties. AMU is having under it 5 direct affiliated hospitals with more than 10000 beds, apart from 6 other non-direct affiliated hospitals. In recent time, Anhui Medical University managed to prove itself best and much ahead of other provincial universities based on total amount of grants received from Natural Science Foundation of China. The Programs are available for both Chinese and international students. Syllabus of each specialty based on International standard requirements, and the degree awarded by AMU is recognized worldwide. This university is ranked 23rd in the list of top 100 Universities of China. The university is allowing international medical students to complete their internship either in home country or even in recognized medical centers of China. The minimum duration of internship is 48 weeks or 1 year.  For eligible candidates Scholarship is also available.

Anhui Medical University Campus:

The University is having two campuses. One is the main campus while the other one is southern campus. The total accumulated area which is covered by the campus is 860000 square meters with a floor space close to 700 thousand Sq.m. The campus is situated on South No.1 Ring-Road of Hefei.  There are 18000 students along with 160 international students. AMU library is having a wide collection of 720000 volumes and 20000 varieties of periodical as well as journals both physical and e-journals.


Anhui Medical University is Recognized by WHO, CMC and CSC and marked by China Ministry of Education to empower it to enroll International students for admission in Fully English Medium Medical programs.

Anhui Medical University structure:

University structure consists of 1) School of Public health, 2) College of Stomatology, 3) College of Health Administration 4) College of Pharmacy,5) College of Nursing, 6) College of basic medicine and 7) College of Humanities and Social Science.

About the MBBS program:

On successful completion of the MBBS in China course, degree is awarded to the students. The program is of 6 years duration. Scholarship is available  for best candidates. Masters programs include Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Pharmacology and Traditional Chinese Pharmacology. All master’s program are of 3 years duration.

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