study mbbs in china

It always better option if you opt for going abroad for completing your MBBS after 10+2. The major reason behind this is that in India there are limited reputed MBBS colleges and if you fail to get admission in such college you have wait for one year. Further, by going abroad students get more exposure and learn better in top rated colleges of world. Looking at the competency of the Indian students even foreign universities also give preference to Indian students. Thus, if you want to get better education after class 12th and want to complete MBBS from world’s reputed universities then you must go for it. Further, in foreign universities you will get wide range of options for research and development in the field of medical science. Thus, learning abroad will offer you opportunity to apply whatever you have learned in the classrooms. Let us talk about some of the top rated universities in detail.

Zhengzhou University

Zhengzhou University is located in urban region of Zhengzhou city of China. The university is owned by government of the country; therefore, you will always find it cheaper than any other universities of the world. Further, the university was founded in year 2000 yet it has completed many research and development projects. The university is best for MBBS students as in the university the core study of MBBS courses has been done. Thus, it will be great chance for Indian students to study in this university.

Jiangsu University

Jiangsu University is among the top rated universities of the world, which is located at Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province of China. The university was founded in year 2001 but from the time of inception the university has conducted several research and development projects in medical science and due to this reason in very short duration the university is recognized across the world. The university is government by ministry of education of China; therefore, you will always find it economical to complete your MBBS from this university.

Jilin University

Jilin University was one of the oldest universities of China, which was established in year 1946. The university is governed by ministry of education of China and due to this reason you will find that the university is offering MBBS course at much affordable fees. The university has best track record for producing best MBBS students from the time of its inception. Thus, you will always find it worth to study in Jilin University.

Hubei University of medicine

Hubei University of medicine is also state owned university of China, which was established in year 1965. You can find many scholars are faculty members of the university. Therefore, the university proves to be best for India students who want to complete MBBS from foreign university.

Huazhong University

Huazhong University is also a public university of China where MBBS course is offered. You can also do specialization from this university in various niches. The university was established in year 1954 and since then it is open for foreign students who want complete MBBS.