For completing MBBS there are several colleges in India and across the world. However, China is the best option in front of students for completing MBBS when they want to study abroad. In China most of the universities are owned by government; therefore, you will always find it economical to study in China as compared to any other country. Further, the universities of China have made special arrangement for students who want to complete MBBS courses.

In addition, in China in almost every university you can find best atmosphere for completing MBBS as different universities of China offer open chance to conduct research and development in medical science to the students. The students who go to China from India for completing MBBS gain more practical knowledge as compared to classroom studies. All these factors have made China a perfect destination for completing MBBS courses.

Qingdao University

Qingdao University is named after its location where it is situated Qingdao. The university was established in year 1993, which we can say new university but in two decades the university has revolutionized the medical science studies. The university has conducted many research and development projects and till date the university is encouraging its students to go for research so that new inventions in medical science can be evolved. If you will get chance to study in this university then you are the lucky one as for getting admission in the university you have to qualify a taught entrance test. Thus, make yourself be prepared for getting admission in this university.

Wenzhou University

Wenzhou University was founded in year 1984 and like other universities of China the university also put emphasis more on practical researches rather than going for only classroom studies. At present time the university is open for foreign students and looking at this factor more and more Indian students showing their interest in this university. The university has made special framework for the MBBS courses so that students can understand everything in systematic manner. Thus, if you are from India and want to study abroad then this university will be best for you for MBBS courses.

Hangzhou Normal University

Hangzhou Normal University is one of the oldest universities of China which was founded in year 1902. With the changing time the university has transformed itself and now many new and innovative ideas are implemented in this university so that students can get best learning environment. At present the university has huge strength of students and also best faculties. Thus, if you want to complete your MBBS from most glorious institution of the world then get admission in Hangzhou Normal University.

Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded in year 1960. The university is spreading over huge piece of land where best infrastructure has been made so that students can learn and experiment MBBS courses with complete peace of mind. If you are getting chance to study in this university then you must not miss the opportunity as it is the best institution for completing MBBS course.