Nanjing university of Chinese medicine

China is of the largest countries of the world and having world’s largest population. The major part of China lies on the eastern coastal region. Although, the country is popular for many things like tourism, cuisines, martial arts, and traditional dresses but in modern era and with changing time the country has made its place in education sector also. In China every year thousands of students come for higher studies and most of the students specially come to the country for pursing MBBS courses. There is long list of colleges and universities offering MBBS courses in China, which is much affordable as compared to other countries. In addition, the medical courses offered by colleges and universities are highly ranked in the world as students in the universities not only stick to the theoretical classes but also get ample opportunities to do research and development projects.

Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University is one of the oldest universities of China, which was founded in 1934. Since the time inception the universities is known for offering best medical studies to students. At present in this university student not only from China study but also students from other country also purse MBBS courses. The university is sited at Jiangning District campus where you can find best arrangements for students coming from foreign countries. The local environment of the university is best for foreign students as the local population is peace loving and known for offering high end hospitality to foreign students.

Nanjing medical university

Nanjing medical university is also oldest university China, which was established in year 1897. From the time of beginning the university is recognized across the world because of its excellence in research and development in medical science. In this university, now more than thousands of students apply every year from different countries for getting admission. However, only few of the students qualify in the entrance test and get golden chance to study MBBS in this reputed university. Once, you will complete MBBS from this university you can practice anywhere in the world.

Southeast university

Southeast university is another oldest university of China, which was established in year 1921. The university from beginning to till date successfully completed several projects in medical science. Further, the university is open for local as well as for foreign students who can qualify its entrance tests.

Nanjing university of Chinese medicine

Nanjing university of Chinese medicine was founded in year 1954 and known for conducting successful researches on Chinese medicines. Further, the university has got 1st ranking in doing research and development projects of ancient Chinese medicines. Thus, you can feel delighted if you get admission is this well renowned university of the world.

Xinjiang medical university

Xinjiang medical university is one of certified universities of China by ministry of education. The university got affiliation in year 1998 and from that time university is offering best ever MBBS courses. For foreign students the university has made special arrangement so that they can get all the comforts and concentrate in on their MBBS courses.