List of Top Medical Universities in China For MBBS

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Hebei Medical University


HMU is the oldest AAA graded medical school in the country. It is located in Shijiazhuang which is a 4 hours drive from Beijing. The university was in news recently as the doctors carried out the first finger transplantation surgery in China. The university also received acclaim in their experiments conducted in the world of acute motor axonal neuropathy. Every year, nearly 200 research projects are undertaken in the university. It is a perfect place for a young medical candidate to learn real-life medical challenges.

Hebei United University ( North China University of Science and Technology )

Located in Tangshan, the university has solid and experienced teaching resources. The university believes in deploying the latest medical and research equipment. It has bought 300 million Yuan RMB worth of equipment. It is indeed a great place to pursue MBBS or postgraduate course.

Hubei Polytechnic University MBBS

The HPU offers a very holistic environment to pursue medical courses. Founded in 1975, the university is located in the Hubei Sheng area. Currently, more than 30,000 students are pursuing their dream career in this university. As a student, you can easily learn and master yourself in the field of nursing, pharmacy, and medical technology.

Jianghan University

The Jianghan University offers more than 40 undergraduate programs. More than 1000 full-time teachers teach the aspirants to become doctors and specialists in their field. It is located in Wuhan, Hubei.

Jining Medical University

If you are looking to pursue MBBS in China near Shandong province, JMU should be your ideal choice. It has a 3-year MD program and offers all the popular courses in the medical science field.