If you are looking to pursue MBBS program abroad, then there are several reputed universities in many countries that help you in giving the dream profession. The Indian students looking for options abroad to study medicine then MBBS in Georgia and nations like Kazakhstan and Tajikistan could be the best option for them. These countries allow the students to study in good ranked universities wherein the Indian students can get a quality education. Let’s check some of the popular countries in which one can study MBBS program abroad as under:

MBBS in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is among the best-suited place to study MBBS Program. It has a wide range of well-known universities, which offer MBBS in Kazakhstan. This country offers the MBBS program at affordable fees especially if you are getting admission in Government-owned Universities. Also, there are several private colleges that allow MBBS in Kazakhstan. In fact, these colleges also offer affordable MBBS in Kazakhstan and thus prove a boon for the students in many ways. The MBBS program in this country is of five years and gives higher returns on your investment by getting the best employment options in top hospitals with JCI and NABH accreditations. The top two universities popular for MBBS in Kazakhstan include International Kazakh Turkish University and Kazakh National Medical University, which offer five years program in this country.

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MBBS in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a famous country in Central Asia for offering MBBS programs. It is located near the borders of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. The country gives a number of reasons to study MBBS in Tajikistan. The country offers affordable fees, which makes this country a popular option among the international students including the Indian students. The country has a welcoming population and has no grudge or differences for the overseas students coming down to study in their nation. The admission is given strictly on the first come first basis, which means if you are quick in applying and processing the application fast then you are ought to get the chance to pursue MBBS in Tajikistan. One of the popular university to pursue MBBS in Tajikistan include Khatlon State Medical University.

MBBS in Georgia

Georgia is considered as a gorgeous country based in the Caucasus region close to Europe and Asia. This gives the blend of both Asia and Europe culture, which attract international students all across the world to study MBBS in Georgia. By studying in this country, you get a chance to study as per the highly developed European education system and thus be a competitive doctor. MBBS in Georgia is affordable as compared to the options available in Europe and other countries in the west. However, the quality of education in this country remains par with the developed nations in Europe. This makes MBBS in Georgia a popular option among international students including Indian students. European Teaching University is among the popular university to pursue MBBS in Georgia.