China is regarded as one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It has written history around four thousand years, along with having rich culture apart from having a revered educational tradition. The legacy continues to the present day particularly in the domain of medicine. This makes China as the favorite destinations for the global students who are keen on studying medicine abroad. Of late, more and more students from all across the world including India are considering China for studying MBBS. The country offers MBBS program in both English and their local language. If you are still wondering why you should you study MBBS in China, consider following reasons. Let’s check the 5 big reasons to study MBBS Abroad in this country.

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1). You are eligible for all medical licensing examinations

In China, there are around 49 recognized medical schools that are under the category of public universities. These are managed by the Chinese Government and are listed in the Directory of World Medical Schools of the leading institution of the world – World Health Organisation. With this listing, the MBBS graduates from any top medical university in China are eligible to attend the national medical screening tests including MCI, USMLE, PMDC, PLAB, HPCSA, and SCHS to name a few. Thus studying MBBS in China is a good idea.

2). Quality of Education par with western education in medicine

A majority of medical universities in China are ranked within 500 top universities all across the world. These remain highly recognized for being at the top in the modern medicine. So, if you thought that an MBBS in China is duplicate or low standards, think again. Each medical university in China has developed its own featured educational system and teaching pattern along course content that remains part of the national standard regulations.

3). Affordable Cost of Education

Studying MBBS in China is an inexpensive affair. As per a report, it is 70 percent cheaper than the countries like the US or the UK. The MBBS program in the US or the UK can cost you around USD 160,000-200,000, which include the internship and other things. While studying MBBS from any top medical university in China can cost you around USD 30,000 – 50,000. So, even if you compare the cost of MBBS in China with any country, it comes out to be extremely affordable. This is because most of the courses on medicine and healthcare in China is highly subsidized by the Chinese government and Ministry of Public Health.

4). Lots of Quality Hospitals for an internship

Most of the universities in China (including the list of top medical university in China) are recognized to recruit the global students pursuing MBBS programs in top hospitals in the country. China has a wide range of hospital network with state of art facilities that give good exposure to the MBBS students from abroad. The medical infrastructure is developed and is constantly upgrading itself to provide the best learning experience for the MBBS students.

5). Explore Colorful and vibrant campus life

The weather conditions in China varies from one region to the other and has its own beauty. The students studying MBBS in China get the opportunity to get education amidst colorful and vibrant campuses.

Wrapping Up

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