Guilin Medical University

Positioned in one of the most beautiful cities of China, Guilin medical University offers qualitative medical courses powered with authentic training dispensed through practical experiences. The sprawling Guilin Medical University has been magnified with three campuses called Dong Cheng, Le Qun and Lingui. It also happens to provide affiliation to 10 self-governing colleges. Basically stating, this medical university gained reputation for being a world class medical teaching institute is because of its lively involvement in exchange programs and even international cooperation. Being found in 1935, the courses of the university are well approved by WHO, CMC and UNESCO. This states the global recognition of the courses and easy accessibility to job.

Guilin Medical University

Quality of Medical Education at Guilin Medical University:

Considering the quality of medical education provided at the university, the teachers and staff lay more emphasis on practical experience. It is believed that one learns in a better way on watching the practical happen in front of them. Certainly, the MBBS course at the Guilin Medical University is available for a period of 5 years and another one year is devoted to internship in one of the top-notch hospitals in China. And a good thing about availing medical degree from the university is that it has been entitled to varied forms of scholarships. This allow students to earn their way into the university without spending much on the fee structure as government scholarships takes care of the educational expenses.

Currently, the Guilin Medical University operates 9 Speciality Course for undergraduates that embrace stomatology, biotechnology, preventive medicine, and even clinical medicine. The GLMU is directed to provide a 3-year corresponding program for aspiring medical practitioners too. The protruding reason of Guilin being preferred over other medical universities is its ratio of teachers. In fact, 217 of 504 highly qualified teachers have high expert qualifications and the other 297 teachers are trained with the Master’s degree. Moreover, it also has affiliations with around 27 hospitals that make gaining internship easier for the students. The education is quite systematized and has earned a distinctive identity in the world.

Fee Structure and Other Expenses at Guilin Medical University:

Talking about the fee structure of the university, the first year includes 1.3 lakh as tuition fee, 65000 INR as hostel fee and 97500 INR as other miscellaneous expenses. Then, from second year onwards to the sixth year, tuition fee and hostel fee remains the same; while, other miscellaneous expenses gets reduced to 39000 INR every year. In this regard, the total fee for entire medical course of 6 years comes to 12, 28,500 INR. This fee is quite less than other medical universities in Indian, European and American continents. So, the students willing to acquire medical degree from reputed college by shelling out a little less can opt for Guilin Medical University. Its education is quite wonderful and has been recognizable globally. If the students are willing to settle out of China in medical field; they are bound to get good jobs without much difficulty. MBBS in China