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Being a doctor is one of the most reputed careers in the world that fetches goodwill and fame together. Indeed, doctors are considered as the representatives of god with the ability to save lives. But, becoming a doctor is not as easy as eating a piece of cake. Studying hard and concentrating on the practical aspects helps to train an aspiring doctor. Prior to putting efforts in medical study, it is highly important for the person to select a reputable institute within their strict budget constraints. This brings studying MBBS in Russia to limelight because of the quality education, cost effective measures and easy staying options.

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Quality of Medical Education in Russia:

The excellence of MBBS education in Russia is unveiled in its emphasis on practical knowledge over the theoretical concepts. Though, the theory part is also there; still, more weightage is given to hands-on experience in real life conditions. Indeed, the beneficial part of studying MBBS in Russia is that mentors or teachers in the institutes have a tremendous amount of experience in the respective field. On the other hand, it is much more favorable than other private medical institutes in different countries paying more attention to theory and dispensing less of practical knowledge. Not to forget that it values the admission of foreign students and provide facility of Medical Course in English Language that various other countries do not have. Moreover, MBBS from Russian medical institutes is acknowledged worldwide ensuring a productive career.

Every year, Russian medical institutes start their academic session from September. In fact, the students have to clear two semesters every year; out of which, the first one stretches from September to January and the second one goes from February to June. Taking note of the examination, 1st semester’s exams are held in January; while, the second semester exams are held in June. indeed, the students can relax from 15th July to 31st August as a part of their Summer Vacation and 20th January to 7th February as Winter Vacations.

Cost of Medical Education in Russia:

Definitely stating, studying MBBS in Russia is far cheaper than paying fees at Indian or even American Medical colleges. Every year, hundreds of students come to Russia for attaining medical education with quality intact. The course ware stretches to 6 years with approximate cost at 20000 US Dollars. This fee happens to include tuition and accommodation fee, which makes it quite a budgetary option to avail. Though, there is a chance that the fee structure might slightly waver as per the city selected for medical studies.

Eligibility Factor for Medical Education in Russia:

When it comes to identifying the eligibility criteria for doing MBBS in Russia, the students are required to pass Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English on compulsory notes. Along with this, the person should have completed the age of 17 years before 31st December of the admission year. The good thing about admission to MBBS in Russia is that there is no entrance exam and seats are provided on first come first basis.

With so many benefits easily available in Russia, studying medical is better than other nations. Of course, the foreign students are valued similar to the resident ones and they do not have to face discrimination.